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Importance of solving previous year question papers in GATE

Importance of solving previous year question papers in GATE

Many students feel jittery when they start preparation for any exam. They want to know about the best way of preparation that will guarantee success but find themselves clueless. What will be asked in the paper? What are the important topics? Which topics should be given preference while preparing? Which is the scoring part? What can be taken easily? All kinds of questions are swarming in their minds. The perfect and the most authentic source of getting an idea of any competitive exam or for that matter any common exam is the previous year question papers.  The previous year question papers:

  1. Tell you what the question paper is all about and how does it look like. (remember it is a great relief)
  2. Present an overall picture of the pattern of the exam in the last few years.
  3. Clear most of your doubts regarding the pattern and the marking.
  4. Give an idea about the way the syllabus has to be covered during preparation.

Solving the papers is also very helpful in that:

  1. It brushes up and strengthens your basics. (The most important thing in the GATE exams)
  2. You get to know the important topics that must be prepared before others.
  3. You keep getting automatic feedback about your level of preparation and can improve likewise. You can mould your strategy and method of study in time.
  4. The GATE syllabus is huge and some topics are asked very rarely. When you solve the previous year papers such topics are easily discovered. This makes your preparation effective because you can save time and invest it wisely.
  5. You get an understanding of the types of questions that are asked from the different topics.
  6. You can find whether they are repetitive in nature or not. Whatever the nature once you detect this fact you can prepare accordingly.
  7. Time management is a very important factor of success in any competitive exam. While solving the previous year papers you can judge yourself on this count and improvise regularly.
  8. Solving the previous papers boosts confidence like nothing else, more so when you get good scores. Reason: you feel as if you have cleared the exam. No other feeling is as good as this one for a student doing preparation.

Every student has his own way of formulating strategy and each is right as long as he/she keeps getting positive results during the preparation. However, no one can deny the fact that the previous year papers form a significant part of the strategy.

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